Miscellaneous Photographs & R/L’s House – February 13, 2018 – London, England


By Tom Allin

I woke up on Sunday morning and I no longer was able to tell myself I didn’t have a
cold. Nancy’s cold is moving toward gone and my cold is only going to get worse.
Hey, we at least missed the flu while we were home in Marshall or visiting Austin
and Tucson!

For those who have stayed with Lee and Rick I know you will notice we are not
nearly the housekeepers they are.

Standing in the entry and looking into the kitchen, living area, dining room (our
work table) and the backyard.

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Tate Britain – February 10, 2018 – London, England


By Tom Allin 

I declared yesterday a “rest day”. Nancy is still fighting her cold and I am hoping a
non-active day may keep me from catching a cold. As much as I (and Nancy) enjoy
exploring our surroundings, some days just sitting at home has its advantages.

However, today I am off relatively early, before 11:00 am, for the Tate Britain
Museum. It’s a Saturday and I know all the free museums will be more crowded
than a weekday. 

I took the photograph of the two boys. It wasn’t until later I noticed the lady runner
had the same color coat as the boy’s helmets.

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The National Gallery – February 8, 2018 – London, England


By Tom Allin 

Yesterday was a rest day. Nancy is definitely down with a cold and I keep telling
myself I am well. It felt good just catching up on reading, writing, an afternoon nap
and an evening meal at the Swan. 

Knowing I can no longer do eight hours in a museum allows us and today just me to
not get up at the crack of dawn, have my leisurely couple of cups of coffee, a late
breakfast and finally close the door behind me and head off in the direction of a

Today I have chosen The National Gallery.

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The Theater – January 31 & February 6, 2018 – London, England


By Tom Allin 

One of the issues Nancy and I discussed before resuming our travels following the
holidays at home was exploring more nightlife. My guess is there are few places
better to explore nightlife than London. 

Today we planned less than a half-day at the British Museum because we have night
plans. We have theater tickets for Book of Mormon.

We left the British Museum at closing and began our walk toward The Prince of
Wales Theater. As most London walks there is so much to see. Of course, there are
the buildings.

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London Skyline – February 6, 2018 – London, England


By Tom Allin
Since I had already climbed 257 steps to the Whispering Gallery of St. Paul’s I
decided to go all the way.

It’s only 119 more steps to the exterior stone gallery.

Great views but the stone rail is high and blocks the view. So, climb another 152
steps for a total of 528 steps from the Cathedral floor and you are standing at the
Golden Gallery.

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Westminster Abbey and More – February 4, 2018 – London, England

By Tom Allin

I’ve always said that the first thing tourists, or in our case travelers, lose is their
“legs”. We have both noted it takes us longer and longer to recover from a day of
museum sightseeing than it used to.

We got off late this morning, or turning the aforementioned into a positive, we got
off early this afternoon. We decided to visit Westminster Abbey, the Parliament
Building and whatever else we came across.

The first thing we came across was Abraham Lincoln.

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