Ode to a Fallen Leaf


Ode to a Fallen Leaf 


By Ron Munden 

As winter approaches, trees drop their leaves.  Several years ago I read an article in a nature publication that explained why it is important for leaves to fall from the trees and cover the ground.  They make a compelling argument that people should allow leaves to remain on the ground throughout  the winter to ensure a healthy lawn in the Spring.

Each Fall when our yard workers come and begin the celebration known as “Leaf Blowing” I think back to that article.

This Sunday morning the workers gathered to begin the blowing of the leaves.  This happens every two weeks for a two or three month period.  This week it was a hard fought battle between the trees and our workforce.  As quickly as the workers could clear the leaves from a patch of ground the trees deposited another layer into that space.  By Monday it was difficult to find any area that was still free of leaves.

Why do we do this?  As stated above everything I read  says that Mother Nature wants the leaves on the ground for the entire winter, not two weeks.  Every two weeks I ask myself why I spend $80 to have something done that I think is bad for the environment.  My only justification is that I am doing my small part to redistribute wealth in this society.

That is the justification I give but it’s not the real reason.  The truth is we practice this celebration of “leaf blowing” because the Jones down the road do the same thing and we just can’t let the Jones outdo us. 


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