Out in the Countryside – 7 July 2022 – East Anglia, United Kingdom

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By Tom Allin

A Note from Tom – July 17, 2022

Yesterday the high was 71.  Today the high is predicted to be 88.  Monday 96.  And Tuesday 103.  But Wednesday its back to 73.  Keep in mind our apartment has no air conditioning.  

Nothing like being in the UK when it is having one of its hottest hot spells.  My favorite headline: Climate models predicted current heat — in 2050.  The climate deniers continue to be correct — the models are not perfect; the models keep predicting cooler weather than is occurring!

Stay cool, safe, healthy and avoid the Covid.

Out of the city and into the countryside.  Life is better: no jet lag, Nancy’s bag finally arrived, and we are walking paths not cobblestone streets and sidewalks.

U-turn and continue walking the broad pathway with very little to look at.

The plan for today is to stop at three Royal Society for the Protection of Birds nature reserves.  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was begun in 1889 and is the largest nature conservation charity in the United Kingdom.  There are more than 150 reserves spread across the UK.  For more on the RSPB go to: https://www.rspb.org.uk

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