Sani Pass – 23 June 2022 – South Africa/Lesotho

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By Tom Allin

Yesterday was a long drive for us.  We drove from Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa to a guest house in Himeville.  This was 300 km/180 miles or a five hour drive if you make no stops; we stopped.

But this was a worth while drive.  We had two days of birding with guides lined-up, the first guide was to take us up the Sani Pass and into Lesotho and then back and the second bird guide was to show us the birds around Himeville.  The following day we were to make the drive up to and over the Sani Pass, into Lesotho, and find a place to stay.

We arrived at our guest house late in the afternoon.  Our lodging was a guest house inside a gated compound that consisted of a living area with small fireplace, a kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom plus the owner’s home.  Nancy didn’t waste any time in our guest house before asking the owner, “Do you have a heater?”  Her reply was no but she would go next door and borrow one for us.  Even with the heater and two blankets we slept very close to each other.

That evening while I was keeping the fire in the fireplace going Nancy got creative with the food we had in the 4Runner and made dinner.

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