Opinion: Ukraine

By George Smith  –March 13, 2022

Yes, the situation worries me. I don’t like the concept of war in any sense, regardless of circumstances. I understand at times that personal safety, protecting one’s country and family and protection of one’s friends and allies requires a strong response.

That said, throughout history wars have mostly been about the psychological bugaboos surrounding four elements: Turf, territory, title and ego.

Many times, one or more of these elements are the motivating factors of wars. In the case of Vladimir Putin and his ordered invasion of Ukraine encompass three (maybe all four) of those elements. He has his turf, wants more territory, believes he is ordained as the world’s leader and has a gargantuan ego.

With those four elements at work…what will stop him? The Ukraine borders? Since when in history did borders stop any invader set on domination, increasing his power and influence and believing that conquering others was his destiny?


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