Opinion: An attempted coup, so what?

 Opinion: An attempted coup, so what?

By George Smith  — January 6, 2022

Yeah, it was pretty much an attempted coup, so what?

One year ago today, an unruly mob of mush-brained followers of DonaldTrump held a “pull my finger” type of insurrection to halt the constitutionally ordained counting of ballots following a presidential election. The day was supposed to represent the tradition and symbolic peaceful transfer of power from the seating president To the new occupant of the Oval Office.

Instead, what the nation, the world, witnessed was a mutinous mob of inglorious vigilantes attacking police officers, smashing their way into the Capitol, and causing more than $1 million in damages, which culminated in the deaths of five people.

Egged on by the volatile atmosphere created by the lies of the president, his key supporters and certain news commentators, the crowd wanted blood…and they got it.

Their intended targets of Vice President Mike Pence, who affirmed Joe Biden as the elected president, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with all senators and representatives, were spirited to safety as the mob broke into the nation’s center of government.

That did not stop the Neanderthal knee-breakers from busting doors and windows, battering their way into congressional offices and stealing souvenirs. Mob mentality ruled and law officers were beaten and battered; one invader was killed by a bullet fired by a police officer as she was climbing through a broken window; others died of injuries sustained in the melee.

For hours as the mob raced from area to area in the Capitol, the president was glued to his television, watching his supporters “beard the lion in its den.” As he dithered deciding whether or not to ask his supporters not to end democracy, the world was collectively glued to mews channels and thinking they were watching a rerun of the “Princess Bride” or “Robin Hood” scene with peasants storming the castle.

Before the Trumpuppets descended on the Capitol Trump urged them to “… fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,”

In the end, after a series of deaths and elected officials in lockdown in Capitol hidey-holes, Trump went against his normal if-it-ain’t-making-me-money-kill-it reaction and told the insurrectionists to stop the nonsense.

Sort of.

After telling them via video to go home in peace, he added, “We love you.”

Trump loves insurrectionists. Wow! That was a shock.

Just like Dec. 7, 1941 and Sept.11, 2001, Jan. 6, 2020 is now and for always will be a “thing”, a date we will all remember…no matter how hard we try and erase it from our memories.


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