Opinion: A series of questions

By George Smith  — December 12, 2021

A series of questions, poignant, ponderous ones, are flashing through my brainpan on this brilliant Sunday.

— Is the fiber of a revolution being woven in this country right this minute?

— Was the January 6, 2021 attack in the U.S. Capitol, designed to prevent the approval of the electoral votes for president (resulting in the death of five citizens) just a prelude to an all-out assault on democracy?

— Would the rightest of right-wingers, loyalists in the Army of Trump, actually take up arms in a systematic insurrection to overthrow our democratic republic?

There is little doubt the philosophical and political differences in this country are more severe than at any time in our history since the Civil War.

Yes, there were massive divides during the civil rights era, and the Vietnam War was fervently argued along generational lines.

But, now, today, feels different, is different.

Donald Trump’s campaigns and one-term presidency corrupted, abused and set on fire virtually every single hot button issue in America: race, religion, voting rights, education, gun laws, global alliances, abortion.

With Trump and his loyalists, everything was black and white, good or bad, righteous or evil.

With no gray areas permitted, the lines for verbal combat were clearly drawn; no middle ground existed, losers were kicked to the curb.

The chance for a meaningful dialogue about the benefits or negatives of any issue was lost as the far left forces and those with extreme right views dismissed anyone who chose to remain neutral or even want to consider options for compromise.

As the right hardened their positions on issues, the liberals felt compelled to harden their stances – no give, all take expected. When Democrats took over all three branches of government in 2020, instead of trying  to work on a government enveloped in compromise, they doubled down on the power they held, further widening the abyss.

It’s not going to stop, you know, this division. It’s only going to get worse.

There’s a good chance the Republicans will regain control of either the House or Senate or both in 2022.

If that happens, political hell is forecast with no light seen in the foreseeable future.

It’s a sad commentary, to think of the future with constantly combative political parties constantly fighting for power with the singular purpose of rubbing the noses of the other party’s elected officials in the dirt especially reserved for losers.

Where does it end? When do we, the citizens who rely on elected officials, start to matter again? When will the needs of the country come first, ahead of the naked grasp for power, retribution, and revenge for past sins, perceived or real by the so-called winners of elections?

Americans, all Americans, should demand a return to government by compromise and demand our elected representatives start acting like they care about this country and are not slaves to any party or any party leader.


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