Republicanism in today’s political circus equals a love of authoritarianism

By George Smith — 3/23/2021

How else can anyone explain the Republican push to inhibit voting by creating roadblocks to discourage every possible citizen from voting?

This was a recent headline in a major publication: “Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Are Targeting Minorities, “. This is not liberal hogwash; it is a fact based on laws being pushed or passed in states with legislatures that are predominately Republican.

Why? Why would any party try and prevent folks from voting? In this case, the answer is simple: For the GOP headknockers, it seems to be easier to exclude voters than move the ideological bar of the party to appeal to a larger segment of citizens.

It apparently does not bother GOP  party stalwarts that preventing entire groups of people designated by either race or religion or sex from voting is, by any degree or standard, an unAmerican activity. 

The United States is a democracy, a democratic socialist republic that hinges its very existence on the “will of the people.” Its very existence as a true democracy depends on citizen participation at every level of government.

The GOP has shown its reluctance to change as the nation’s demographics and cultural mores have changed; it would rather fight — and lose — than change. The party would rather curb freedom than accept that change is inevitable; if there is no change, the alternatives are stagnation or decline.

Stagnation. Decline. Both words are apt descriptions of the Republican party, circa 2021.

Today’s Republican Party is flailing around like a broken-wing, spavined gnat, with no clear direction and no clear purpose. The party and its elected representatives are edging closer to being a lackluster, ineffective megaphone for a party with a mouthy majority of racists, bigots, conspiracy theorists and plain ol’ “aginners”, those brainless  know-nothings whose entire life philosophy is pinned to the notion “I ain’t fir it, so I must be agin it.”

The Era of Trump brought unwieldy change to the party, but it was change that took the party away from

its historic roots of small government, free trade, maintaining a strong international presence and a balanced national budget.

Now, right now, the party must reverse course if it intends to remain a viable nation political force.

But, sadly, it won’t as long as the leaders worship at the image of Donald Trump. And that shadow of a human being is not going to walk away from the spotlight of celebrity. He has tasted the power of mob exhumation and he still craves the feeling it gives  him.

Trump is not going anywhere. And, it seems, his subjects are in no hurry to cast him out.

To quote Mr. T from TV’s A-Team, “I pity the fools!”


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