President Donald Trump Ignores

President Donald Trump Ignores

By George Smith — 12/19/2020

1)  The sharply rising numbers of pandemic cases and deaths.

2) The disconcerting news about Russian hackers burrowing into various agencies’ computer systems and undermining the security of the nation.

3) The more than 50 courtroom losses on his claims that fraud cost him his re-election bid.

4) The outcry on his pardons and commutations of convictions and sentences of key allies, all of whom were convicted or pled guilty to federal crimes.

5) The directives of his own Center for Disease Control for minimizing  COVID 19 effects and holding events that resulted in virus outbreaks.

6) Traditional preparations that signify the peaceful transfer of power in our democracy.

7) Shows no emotion in regard to the federal government acknowledging it still has more than 500 undocumented children separated from parents and has no idea where the parents are or how to reconnect family members.

8 ) How inappropriate his last-days-in-office actions are in regard to firing certain officials and replacing them with loyalists… to what end?

9) How history will view his erratic and toxic presidency, basking instead in the crazed loyalty of his base, a hodgepodge of white supremacy, neo-Nazi, militia and short-sighted fervent evangelistic conservative groups.

10) The basic reality of his situation: At noon, Jen. 20, 2020, Trump is no longer president. That is a reality he cannot seem to grasp.

See the pattern? If a situation does not fit into his picture-perfect mental image of what he WANTS his world to be, the “truth” does not exist.

Trump, and many of his Trumpuppets, are suffering from “delusional disorder”. It is a type of serious mental illness — called a “psychosis”— in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

This is Donald Trump, the 2020 version. Those that pledge allegiance to him, to his delusional view of the state of the union and the world, are complicit in the actions which undermine the safety and security of this nation and the health of its citizens.

Step back. Take a breath. Look to the future. And kick the hurtful delusions of this president to the gutter where they belong.

It’s a new beginning. Embrace it and smile about future possibilities to return to the light provided by a free, empathetic and loving nation that promises freedom and opportunities for all who reside here.


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