Life Is Interesting

Life Is Interesting

By George Smith — 11/23/2020

Life is interesting in the best of times. It is also interesting, as well as somewhat perplexing and frightening,in the worst of times.

In my seven-plus decades of life, 2020 was the most frightening and perplexing year I can remember.

Having lived through the civil rights marches, the Vietnam War protests, the assassinations of a president, two major civil rights leaders and a man destined to be president, as well as the criminal and corrupt exploits that led to three presidents being humiliated and disgraced, I thought I was prepared for anything.

Then 2020 rolled in. Talk about a sucky year!

Between a president who thinks democracy is like a finger widget to be spun around at will, a country and political parties so divided that the only discernible result was a volatile eruption of pettiness, open animosity and needless deaths, and a pandemic that consumed national collective energy, will and more than 250,000  lives like a Hoover picks up stray dust bunnies and the entire year has been a nightmare.

What is happening now in the U.S. is a travesty. We will have a new president in January. But the sitting president refuses to acknowledge that fact, and at the same time has abdicated his presidential duties.

While world leaders had a virtual G20 summit and were discussing the COVID 19 pandemic, President Trump went to play golf.  While the most recent surge in coronavirus infections are swamping hospitals across the nation, Trump is tweeting “poor me!” missives and planning ways to cjntjbue to divide the citizens into “us and them” camps.

While President-elect Joe Biden was trying to get the information guaranteed by law and tradition about “peaceful transfer of power” from one administration to another, Trump was fighting his lopsided defeat with frivolous lawsuits in key states and prohibiting any administration official from giving information to Biden’s transition team.

In effect, this country can be likened to  ship with a captain that is missing in action, a crew which is awaiting orders, a broken engine and no rudder, the vessel floating aimlessly on a current of despair.

President Trump, despondent over his rejection by 80 million American voters, is determined to not relinquish power. But, if he must, he also is determined to leave the new captain with a ship that is floundering in rough economic seas, its hull broken and taking on water and all internal systems inoperable.

This is Trump’s lifelong method of operations: All actions will be at “my@ command and done “my” way; if not, everything will be dumped in a shredder and rendered useless.

He cares nothing about the casualties created by his callous actions, he just cares that his personal whims, wants, desires and needed are met.

One term of the Trump Administration was four years too many.

Prayers to Joe Biden and his administration officials that they can right the ship of state.

God knows they are going to need all the help they can get.


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