Donald J Trump Is Not The President

By George Smith — 11/16/2020

Correction: He IS the current president, but he is not governing, not taking a leadership roll in guiding the country through this perilous time. In fact, instead of being the commander in chief, he has donned the mantle  of abstainer in chief.

As expected, he is tweeting, moaning his daily choruses of “Woe is me! Yet another hoax to fight,” and still looking for fictitious election fraud ploys in various states to prove he was cheated  out of a second term.

Oh, he is golfing and watching TV cable news and screeching at any commentator who dares suggest his barrage of lawsuits in multiple states will not change the Electoral College total. For him, that’s business as usual.

But…he is not performing the duties of president.

He is going out of office like he came in, poor-mouthing his treatment by the media, claiming he won the election in a landslide, making promises he cannot keep, striking out at anyone he considers “disloyal”, acting like a Tootsie Pop stealing bully during recess.

To those supporters of Trump: This cannot be a happy time; too much rancor and vitriol have been passed around in the last four years to make this transition from delusional egotism and ignorance of how government works to a calm, try-to-get-along-with-the-opposing-party administration an easy one.

But, it’s time for the supporters of this spit-fit persona of a political clown and a personality disaster to think more about the future of this country and less about upholding the allegiance to  the Cult of Trump.

Donald Trump was not/is not a straight shooter; he lies when the truth was evident and would have served him and his party better.

He was not a skilled negotiator; Russia, Syria and North Korea played him for a fool; his trade agreements and his statements about their success were laughable; getting out of the Iran nuclear agreement and the global climate accord endangers the future of this country.

His decision to attack the competency of the national media AND the nation’s intelligence services was stupid and asinine.

In a phrase, Trump sees himself as a dictatorial strongman whose word is law and every thought and whim are of genius caliber.

I will not argue nor second-guess the support Trump garners from those who totally are absorbed by their belief that abortion is wrong. Personally, I will not insert myself in a situation between a woman, her doctor and her God.

But in all other issues, I cannot understand how anyone who is not a hardshell racist remains blind to the damage this self-centered, megalomaniac who shows not a shred of empathy for anyone, is doing to the democratic fiber of this country.

Trump relishes in the turmoil he has caused, continuing and expanding the partisanship of party politics that intensified with the election of the first black president in 2008.

Go back 13 years and remember that Trump was one of the leaders in denouncing Obama’s candidacy, perpetuating the lie that Obama was not born in the U.S. He was wrong, of course, but like all of his other lies, he has never admitted it nor apologized for promoting the fabrication.

Trump will eventually leave the White House. But, unfortunately for America, he will not just go away.

He is a master manure stirrer and spreader. And stir and spread more of his tongue fertilizer he will do. After all, he still has his followers, his Trumpuppets, to please. And the only way he can continue to hold his audience is to posture and preen and keep his cock o’ the walk act fresh by inventing new conspiracies and frauds perpetuated upon his person.

The Trump Show will continue. Count on it. He has no other place to go to get the adrenalin surge that keeps him

at the same emotional and needy psychological level as he did for being the most powerful man in the world for the past four years.

He is an addict and he needs his fix.


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