J. HARRIS: I’ve been digging around to find new articles on BA.2 Variant. The US is treading water, waiting, dreading. 

I’m looking for current Variant articles. Denmark/Asia are still rampant but under better control. I’d like to be able to make

an educated guess as to when the BA.2 will get to our area. 


1. Hospitals vie for talent with perks beyond pay


1. Vaccine apartheid: global cooperation and equity

”…Widening gaps in global vaccine equity have led to a two-track pandemic with booster COVID-19 vaccinations proliferating in high-income countries (HICs) and first doses not yet reaching all populations in low-income countries (LICs)….the divide a “vaccine apartheid”…The first obligation of all countries is to their own population, so HICs have understandably prioritised booster shots to citizens over vaccine donation to non-citizens. Despite this zero-sum thinking, some vaccine philanthropy has emerged, with the USA pledging to donate 1·2 billion doses, although only 400 million have been delivered as of Feb 18, 2022.7 Similarly, the UK pledged to donate 100 million doses to COVAX but has only donated half of that amount to date….We suggest that an effective and sustainable approach must include passage of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver by the World Trade Organization (WTO) so that mRNA vaccine production in particular can be intensified in LICs…”

(J. Harris: Provocative article and references and concepts with which I don’t intend to become involved.)



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