A Primer on What We Know About Mixing and Matching Covid Vaccines (STAT News):(J. Harris: Readable and meeting ongoing currently.)

”… If you get a booster jab that is of the same brand as your previous jab or jabs, you are getting a homologous booster. In the United States, most people who have been vaccinated have had homologous vaccine series and homologous boosters….If your original series of vaccines or the booster were from different manufacturers, you have what’s called a heterologous vaccine series or a heterologous boost…Kathryn Edwards, a vaccines researcher at Vanderbilt University, suggested the United States should probably look at whether specific brands of booster doses should be targeted at certain populations — or more specifically, if certain people should be steered away from certain vaccines when it comes time for them to get boosters. With concerns about myocarditis in young males associated with mRNA vaccines and clotting problems reported mainly with younger women who got one of the viral vectored vaccines, such as the J&J, maybe it’s time to think about who gets which type of Covid vaccine, Edwards said…A number of countries — the United States among them — do not consider people who received two different brands of vaccines fully vaccinated, even if the person’s home country does. This means someone who got an mRNA vaccine as a second dose after receiving an AstraZeneca shot as a priming dose is not deemed fully vaccinated and is not eligible to travel to the U.S. or other countries with the same rule…the kind of immune response one gets from Covid vaccines is determined by the first dose… “And so it kind of locks you into a repertoire and a pattern of antibody, T-cell balances that carry on through subsequent boosters…Complaints about reactogenicity [discomfort after injection etc] were even greater among people who got mixed vaccine brands, the Com-CoV trial reported…Who then has that responsibility to bring forward a recommendation to mix and match? …”

Tracking the FDA advisory panel meeting on Moderna’s Covid vaccine booster

(J. Harris: FDA vaccine meeting almost live.)

Anchorage approves a mask mandate after two weeks of intense debate.

The order requires everyone to wear a mask or face covering in public indoor spaces, with limited exemptions for younger children and for religious or medical reasons.

An F.D.A. analysis suggests that J.&J. has not presented robust evidence for booster shots.

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Screening and Mitigation

(Short, readable school/Covid article.)

Conclusions and Relevance  Despite the implementation of several mitigation measures, the incidence of COVID-19 among children attending primary school in this study was comparable to that observed among teachers and parents. Transmission tree reconstruction suggests that most transmission events originated from within the school. Additional measures should be considered to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 at school, including intensified testing.



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