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One in 5,000

”…Delta has increased the chances of getting Covid for almost everyone. But if you’re vaccinated, a Covid infection is still uncommon, and those high viral loads are not as worrisome as they initially sounded…”


Safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Setting

”…In this study in a nationwide mass vaccination setting, the BNT162b2 [PFIZER] vaccine was not associated with an elevated risk of most of the adverse events examined. The vaccine was associated with an excess risk of myocarditis (1 to 5 events per 100,000 persons). The risk of this potentially serious adverse event and of many other serious adverse events was substantially increased after SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

(J. Harris: A massive vaccination study with almost 900,000 vaccinated and a like number of controls that once again demonstrated that VACCINATION IS MUCH SAFER THAT GETTING THE DISEASE.)


1.  WHO Warns New Mu Variant Could Be More Vaccine Resistant (The Hill) The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the Mu SARS-CoV-2 strain, first detected in Colombia, as a “variant of interest” adding in its weekly bulletin that it will be monitoring the variant’s spread. According to WHO, the Mu variant was first detected in Colombia in January 2021.

2. India’s DNA COVID Vaccine Is a World First – More Are Coming (Nature) India has approved a new COVID vaccine that uses circular strands of DNA to prime the immune system against the virus SARS-CoV-2. Researchers have welcomed news of the first DNA vaccine for people to receive approval anywhere in the world, and say many other DNA vaccines may soon be hot on its heels. ZyCoV-D, which is administered into the skin without an injection, has been found to be 67% protective against symptomatic COVID-19 in clinical trials, and will likely start to be administered in India this month. Although the efficacy is not particularly high compared to that of many other COVID-19 vaccines, the fact that it is a DNA vaccine is significant, say researchers.

3. Massive Randomized Study is Proof That Surgical Masks Limit Coronavirus Spread, Authors Say (Washington Post) The authors of a study based on an enormous randomized research project in Bangladesh say their results offer the best evidence yet that widespread wearing of surgical masks can limit the spread of the coronavirus in communities. The preprint paper, which tracked more than 340,000 adults across 600 villages in rural Bangladesh, is by far the largest randomized study on the effectiveness of masks at limiting the spread of coronavirus infections.

Rate of Recurrent Guillain-Barré Syndrome After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine BNT162b2

”…To our knowledge, this is the first study assessing safety of messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine in previously diagnosed cases of GBS. In this cohort study, which included 702 patients, only 1 needed short medical care for relapse of previous syndrome, which represents a minimal risk...”



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