Please note that my main data chart has been altered considerably with new categories that the state has come out with — which are largely self-explanatory. I filled in all the old data and did some averaging and then inadvertently deleted it without a copy. Expletive deleted.  I’ll try again later. Notice we still are using most of our adult ICU beds but don’t have many hospitalized pediatric cases (at least not in the hospital). Note that the local counts remain high and that the Covid admissions over the last 24 hour reporting period continue to climb. In short, we are still in a MESS. Encourage masks, vaccinations and boosters, crowd avoidance, and distance from others when you have to be around people. Don’t give up now; things are improving slowly in the global sense. 

We investigate Covid’s mysterious two-month cycle.

WHY? ”’…1. One [theory] involves the virus itself. Rather than spreading until it has reached every last person, perhaps it spreads in waves that happen to follow a similar timeline. How so? Some people may be especially susceptible to a variant like Delta, and once many of them have been exposed to it, the virus starts to recede — until a new variant causes the cycle to begin again (or until a population approaches herd immunity)…”


 2. ”…The second plausible explanation involves human behavior. People don’t circulate randomly through the world. They live in social clusters,..Perhaps the virus needs about two months to circulate through a typically sized cluster, infecting the most susceptible — and a new wave starts when people break out of their clusters, such as during a holiday.


3. ”… people may follow cycles of taking more and then fewer Covid precautions, depending on their level of concern….”

”Whatever the reasons, the two-month cycle predated Delta. It has repeated itself several times in the U.S., including both last year and early this year, with the Alpha variant, which was centered in the upper Midwest:”

Breakthrough infections are less likely to lead to long Covid, a study suggests.

“People who experience breakthrough infections of the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated are about 50 percent less likely to experience long Covid than are unvaccinated people who catch the virus, researchers said in a large new report on British adults….”

And directly from New York City, some humor:


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