3 states responsible for 40% of COVID-19 cases

“…Florida, Texas and Missouri accounted for 40 percent of new COVID-19 cases reported nationwide this week, Jeff Zients, the White House’s COVID-19 response coordinator, said July 22…”The data is clear: The case increases are concentrated in communities with low vaccination rates,” Mr. Zients said during a news briefing, pointing to the three states. 

(J. Harris: Here we go again.)


1. Vaccine Effectiveness Studies in the Field

(J. Harris: English studies showing that with two jabs, vaccines work almost as well against Delta Variant as the original Alpha Covid-19 virus.)


1. Public Health Officials Have Tools to Beat Back Covid Again. Does Anyone Want to Use Them? (STAT News) Before Covid-19 vaccines, public health officials fought off the pandemic with the only tools they had: mask-wearing, social distancing, school closures, and limits on the size of gatherings. Now, with cases surging again in much of the United States due to the highly transmissible Delta variant, those tools could still make a measurable difference at a critical moment — but not if the public is unwilling to use them. A year and a half after Covid restrictions were first implemented, people have had it with the pandemic. Other than highly effective vaccines, which haven’t been accepted by enough people to quash spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 variant, there are no new tools in the public health toolbox, and people have absolutely no interest in reusing the ones that it does contain.

2. France Forced to Soften Rules After Coronavirus Green Pass Backlash (Politico)

The French government, which last week introduced some of Europe’s toughest measures against COVID-19, has been forced to row back on some restrictions following a pushback from industries and street protests. Among the new rules, French President Emmanuel Macron sought to turbo-drive vaccinations by making proof of vaccination or immunity mandatory to enter cafés, restaurants and a range of other venues this summer. The scheme, which goes further than other big EU countries, was introduced to help break a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections in France, driven by the more contagious Delta variant.

3. Southern California Cities Rebel Against New Mask Mandate, Hinting at Delta Variant Drama to Come (Washington Post) Barely a month after state officials lifted nearly all pandemic restrictions — and even as the White House continues to insist that vaccinated people need not wear masks — the nation’s largest county clamped back down this past weekend, announcing a new requirement for everyone to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.The backlash was immediate.

Comparison of Neutralizing Antibody Titers Elicited by mRNA and Adenoviral Vector Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 Variants (SENT OUT EARLIER)

Abstract: The increasing prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 variants has raised concerns regarding possible decreases in vaccine efficacy. Here, neutralizing antibody titers elicited by mRNA-based and an adenoviral vector-based vaccine against variant pseudotyped viruses were compared. BNT162b2 [PFIZER] and mRNA-1273 [MODERNA]-elicited antibodies showed modest neutralization resistance against Beta, Delta, Delta plus and Lambda variants whereas Ad26.COV2.S [JOHNSON &JOHNSON]-elicited antibodies from a significant fraction of vaccinated individuals were of low neutralizing titer (IC50 <50). The data underscore the importance of surveillance for breakthrough infections that result in severe COVID-19 and suggest the benefit of a second immunization following Ad26.COV2.S to increase protection against the variants.(J. Harris: What is poorly said above is that J &J Vaccine does not work as well as do the other vaccines to protect against Delta and other variants tested.)


SARS-CoV-2 Superspread in Fitness Center, Hong Kong, China, March 2021

(J. Harris: Markedly enhanced ventillation helped prevent super spreading in a Gym.)


1. How the Delta Variant Spreads So Quickly

“…The combination of a high number of viruses and a short incubation period makes sense as an explanation for Delta’s heightened transmissibility…And the short incubation makes contact tracing more difficult…”

2.˚People with COVID Often Infect Their PetsPeople with COVID Often Infect Their Pets

“… pet owners transmitting the virus to their furry friends is more common than originally thought. That result makes sense,… given the closeness of person-pet relationships. “Often we’re snuggling and even sleeping in the same beds with them,…S..Beyond the pathogen posing a risk to our pets’ health, researchers worry that it will multiply in the animals and possibly mutate, jumping back into humans at some point. “The main concern is … the potential risk that pets could act as a reservoir of the virus and reintroduce it into the human population… Denmark and the Netherlands culled their mink stocks, killing almost 20 million of the furry animals in total to stop the virus from spreading further..So far…. there is no evidence of such retransmission from dogs and cats back into humans. But … the current studies simply are not set up to answer that exact question…“If you have COVID-19, my advice is to keep your distance from your pet and don’t let them into your bedroom,” Bienzle says. Hamer reiterates that the recommendations are the same as with any other humans in your household: if you’re infected, stay as far away as possible….

Several studies have shown that pigs, cows, ducks and chickens seem to be largely resistant to the virus.

(J. Harris: Of course, most people don’t sleep with pigs, cows, ducks, and chickens — do they?)

OPINION PIECE: Forget Mask Mandates. Vaccines Are the Only Answer for Fighting Covid-19.

(J. Harris: But, masks are often utilized by the Vaccine Hesitant and, in my opinion, should again be worn, mandated or not, when the Virsus is at the door — like now in East Texas.)




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