I have gladly renewed my Norwegian Housekeeper’s contract — for the 55th straight year, today.  She’s pleasant,  intelligent, industrious,  a fabulous cook, a great mother and grandmother and still beautiful after all these years. You can call me “Lucky.”

There aren’t many accurate stats out for Harriso County today. I was told that there are >20 Covid cases in Christus Marshall. Region G stats have been up, but are not updated yet. 

The NYT stats for Harrison County are also behind, but notice the upward trend in the area. 


The Great Gatsby and the challenge of unreliable narrators

(J. Harris: short, provocative, comfortable read.)

Their spouses died of covid-19 from an unsafe workplace, lawsuit alleges. A new Texas law might block the claim.



1. Virus Outbreaks at Olympic Hotels Sow Frustration, Stoke Infection Fears (Reuters) Coronavirus outbreaks involving Olympic teams in Japan have turned small-town hotels into facilities on the frontline of the pandemic battle, charged with implementing complex health measures to protect elite athletes and a fearful public. Infections here have hit at least seven teams arriving in Japan barely a week out from the July 23 opening ceremony and after host city Tokyo reported its highest daily tally of new COVID-19 infections since late January. Health experts and hotel staff say the outbreaks underscore the risks of holding the world’s largest sports event during the middle of a global pandemic in a largely unvaccinated country.


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