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Global Incidence of Neurological Manifestations Among Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19

”Question  What are the incidence of and outcomes associated with neurologic manifestations in patients with COVID-19?

”Findings  In this cohort study of 3744 patients in 2 large consortia, neurological manifestations were found in approximately 80% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19; the most common self-reported symptoms included headache (37%) and anosmia or ageusia (26%), whereas the most common neurological signs and/or syndromes were acute encephalopathy (49%), coma (17%), and stroke (6%). Presence of clinically captured neurologic signs and/or syndromes was associated with increased risk of in-hospital death.

”Meaning  These findings suggest that neurological manifestations are prevalent among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and are associated with higher in-hospital mortality.”

(J. Harris: Neurological events in 80% of these Covid patients demanddemands vaccination for all of our population, 12 Y/O and up.)


1. The Myriad Ways Sewage Surveillance Is Helping Fight COVID Around the World (Nature) From the subarctic community of Yellowknife, Canada, to the subtropical city of Brisbane, Australia, scientists in more than 50 nations are now monitoring the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage. The number of sewage-surveillance programmes tracking COVID-19 has exploded during the past year from a dozen or so research projects to more than 200, following the discovery that whole virus particles and viral fragments are shed in faeces.  

2. America’s Mask Makers Face Post-pandemic Meltdown (Reuters) The small U.S. manufacturers that rushed to produce face masks over the past year are now stuck with hundreds of millions of unsold face coverings because China is flooding the market with below-cost masks, and most may not survive the end of the pandemic.

3. WHO Names B1617 Fourth COVID-19 Variant of Concern (CIDRAP) Top World Health Organization (WHO) officials today said the agency now classifies the B1617 SARS-CoV-2 variant first detected in India as a variant of concern, following a detailed analysis of early findings by its genetics working group, which said the variant is more transmissible. In other key global developments, during a Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert over the weekend, countries, corporations, and charities raised more than $60 million for the COVAX program to ensure more equitable access to COVID-19 vaccine, while India’s massive surge remained at record high levels.

The Covid-19 Infodemic — Applying the Epidemiologic Model to Counter Misinformation

(J. Harris: NEJM readable article on correcting misinformation.)



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