The Western Sahara – April 1 – 4, 2021 – Western Sahara/Morocco

Editors note: Tom and Nancy Allin are bad on the road. This is the story he posted this week. 4/12/2021


We set the alarm for 5:30 am so as to leave our hotel room in Laayoune by 6:15 to meet Nico, co-owner with his wife of Martina Dakhla Rovers.  We were to meet about an hour north of Dakhla at a gas station where we hoped to fill up again with gasoline.  The evening before, after a 20-minute round trip walk to a café restaurant for dinner – we both ordered pizzas – I had filled the 4Runner’s gas tank to the top.  At a previous gas stop that day I filled both emergency 5-gallon roof top containers with gas.  Still, there was some concern about having enough gas for the trip since most of the filling stations down here only have diesel. 

We set out to explore the desert in the dark.  I drove slowly at about 25 mph until we were out of town and on the two-lane highway.  I probably averaged less than 40 mph – wanted plenty of time to stop for any highway sleeping camels or highway crossing camels or donkeys; not to mention bicycling or motorcycling Moroccans.

Many of the towns have either a large arched wall to drive through or some kind of display to let you know you have arrived.  Also, most of the towns in southern Morocco have a long entry stretch of road lined with palm trees, streetlights and very wide sidewalks.



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