COVID 19 vaccine appointments are available at our office by going to to schedule an appointment. We currently have doses of the Janssen (J&J) single dose COVID 19 available. If you need assistance scheduling please contact us at 903-938-8338. 

Jennifer Hancock, RN, BSN  

Executive Director – Marshall-Harrison County Health District

(J. Harris: Counts are stable locally but are going up in Tyler and LA areas.)

Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You

(J. Harris: The CDC Vaccine Finder)


US Vaccination

The US has distributed nearly 230 million doses of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and administered nearly 175 million doses. The US is currently administering 2.8 million doses per day*, including 1.3 million people fully vaccinated.

A total of 112 million individuals have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine, equivalent to approximately one-third of the entire US population and 43% of all adults. Of those, 66.2 million (20% of the total population; 26% of adults) are fully vaccinated. Among adults aged 65 years and older, 77% have received at least 1 dose, and 58% are fully vaccinated.

In terms of full vaccination, 32.8 million individuals have received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 28.5 million have received the Moderna vaccine, and 4.9 million have received the J&J-Janssen vaccine.

As a virus variant sweeps Europe, a look at lessons for the rest of the world.

“…The variant, known as B.1.1.7, is not only more contagious than the virus’s initial form, but is also deadlier… outbreaks have since ballooned, and B.1.1.7 has crowded out other versions of the virus, becoming dominant in more than a dozen European countries…lawmakers in continental Europe were slow to react…“People underestimated it, instead of saying we should learn from what’s happening in the U.K.”

(J. Harris: There are several other timely short summaries at this site. Remember, our vaccines are superior to the AstraZeneka Vaccine that they use in Europe — and are much safer.)

In Mississippi, 73,000 Vaccine Slots and Few Takers

(J. Harris: Unfortunately, these same problems are apparent in parts of East Texas. If I was still practicing medicine, I likely would ask any patient who declined Covid vaccination, without a sound medical reason, to find another doctor…. Yes, in nonemergency situations and with a decent interval of time provided, a doctor may ethically dismiss a patient. A few times when I suggested that this action might need to be taken, patient compliance improved. Now, I honestly do not know how to convince hesitant people to take the vaccine. All I can do is try to avoid the unvaccinated, carless, and ignorant.)

China’s response to COVID-19: a chance for collaboration

How has China managed to control COVID-19? And is the global scientific community in a position to benefit from China’s experiences?

According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China’s strategy was built on active case finding and case management with identification and quarantine of close contacts, as well as risk-based lifting of restrictions. Chinese authorities aim to test each suspected case and all close contacts of those infected…pooled testing approach coordinated by the government with the cooperation of residents enabled 10·9 million people—almost the entire population of [Qingdao] city—to be tested within 5 days.




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