FEBRUARY   MARCH 15  During the pandemic, it’s  easy to forget what day of the week it is, especially near the weekends which seem never-ending anyway. And the date — is it the 12th, or 13th? Who cares? However, it takes a special kind of talent to muddle up the month. How could anyone type in the wrong month daily for 2 WEEKS on a  mailout? I think the writer must have had a poor education in our public schools, or maybe at the “Harvard of the Southwest.” Fortunately, a semi-alert Rutgers professor had the situation corrected. I wonder how many other people noticed it? 

Germany is largest country to suspend AstraZeneca vaccine

The decision followed the detection of seven cases of thrombosis among 1.6 million people who have received the jab in the country, Health Minister Jens Spahn said in a press conference.

Drugmaker AstraZeneca said late Sunday that there is no scientific evidence of any link between its coronavirus vaccine and recent deaths in Europe from blood clots. The rate of blood clots in people who have been inoculated with the vaccine is “much lower than would be expected to occur naturally in a general population,”…

(J. Harris: I think the Pfizer and Moderna as well as the J&J vaccines are superior, but I would not be afraid to take the AstraZeneca(Oxford) vaccine.  Denmark, Iceland, and Norway have also suspended use for now. The vaccine is made in England as well as India. Brexit squabbles may have something to do with Germany’s hesitancy to take that vaccine, so politics may have something to do with their decision. The NYT has an understandavble article about the vaccine with good diagrams: 

The case for optimism

(J. Harris: A chatty NYT piece from the 12th that is very encouraging and a nice quick read about the good things we’ve got going now, especially with Vaccines)

Antibody Responses in Seropositive Persons after a Single Dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine

“We wondered what the response would be to the first vaccine dose in persons with previous Covid-19…88 received the Pfizer vaccine and 22 the Moderna vaccine…We found that a single dose of mRNA vaccine elicited rapid immune responses in seropositive participants, with postvaccination antibody titers that were similar to or exceeded titers found in seronegative participants who received two vaccinations. Whether a single dose of mRNA vaccine provides effective protection in seropositive persons requires investigation.”

(J. Harris: From NEJM “correspondence.” It appears likely that only one injection [jab] of vaccine provides all the antibody production likely to be needed in patients who have already had the Covid disease: One jab is enough for them. Pfizer and Moderna both worked and stimulates lots of antibodies.)

What I’ve Learned Treating COVID-19: One Year Later

(J. Harris: Readable retrospective view of the first year of Covid that is a GOOD read for patients [and physicians?].Relax, take your time, read carefully. Oh, do you have a living will?)

Welcome to the March issue of My Health e-News!

(J. Harris: Nice, new information and site and approach from our LOCAL HOSPITAl, including good Covid information as well as general health concerns. You can also subscribe and get this emailed to you on a regular basis. At Christus-Marshall, the primary care clinics are being restored; all the new Telemedicine will also be available soon.)


We’re not out of the woods yet. Though daily new cases of Covid-19 in the US have dropped since January, case numbers over the past week still averaged more than 50,000 per day. That puts the nation in a vulnerable position to experience another surge, says Dr. Anthony Fauci — which is precisely what is happening in Europe. The good news is that people in the US are getting vaccinated relatively quickly. The bad news is that highly contagious variants are still a threat. Until then, the US shouldn’t be easing restrictions before Covid-19 case numbers fall to at least below 10,000 per day, Fauci has said.


This happened yesterday and is important information for our age group.

A friend had his 2nd dose of the vaccine at the vaccination center after which he noticed blurred vision on the way home.

When he got home, he called the vaccination center for advice and to ask if he should go see a doctor or be hospitalized.

He was told NOT to go to a doctor or a hospital, but just return to the vaccination center immediately and pick up his glasses!


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