SARS-CoV-2 variants and ending the COVID-19 pandemic

(J. Harris: This is a short, readable Lancet article that spells out the 4 things that we need to do regarding Covid now and in the future. It also helps that the CDC, NIH, and WHO are being reorganised, better led, and focused. These doctors and their associated University programs are the best Virologists in the world.)


Blood thinners as a early COVID-19 treatment could improve mortality rates, study says

The 30-day mortality rate among those who received anticoagulants early was 14 percent, compared to 19 percent among patients who did not.(J. Harris: A VA study.)

Amazon hires founders of COVID-19 testing startup

Amazon has hired several employees of Caspr Biotech, a COVID-19 testing startup, in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 among Amazon workers …

Caspr Biotech’s cofounders, CEO Franco Goytia and Chief Strategy Officer Carla Gimenez, were among the employees hired by Amazon. They joined the company in December and are working on a project codenamed Artemis…Amazon said last year it had begun building a lab to test workers for COVID-19. In February, the company said it was testing about 700 workers an hour, according to Bloomberg. 

Vaccines Alone Are Not Enough to Beat COVID

Colchicine reduces the risk of COVID-19-related complications

(J. Harris: Colchicine is an anti-inflammatory drug that is most often used for the treatment of acute gout. [If a red hot swollen joint doesn’t respond to Colchicine, then the arthritis isn’t caused by Gout, or by Pseudogout which is rarer]. Colchicine is not the same as Quinine or Chloroquine, both of which are anti-malaria drugs, neither of which help in Covid treatment. They are all old, plant source medications. 

 Colchicine used to cost $0.09/tablet. However, drug companies and the FDA had deemed it to be an “Orphan Drug” and it now sells for $4.95 per tab. 

When I say something good about Federal Agencies concerned with medicine like the CDC and the NIH, I do not include the FDA, which needs to be completely reorganized and managed, in my opinion. If you have questions, read “Pharma” which is a book that taught me just how little I know about the development, manufacture, and marketing of medicines. It also totally surprised me about the extent of the almost total infestation of the pharmacological businesses with greed, larceny, and inhumanity. Also, “Pharma” taught me that corporate lawyers can structure and stack and commingle corporate entities in devious ways that allow them to commit crimes — and to cover up almost anything. This book explains the narcotic crisis that we are still involved with, how it happened, and who caused it.)


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