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COVID B.1.1.7 — How Widespread Is It in the U.S. and How Worried Should We Be? (J. Harris: I still can’t find out much about Robert Turner, but his review articles about Covid are first rate and worth the $5.00/month subscription. This is a really good and readable review of the “B 17” mutation [B.1.1.17].)


1. Age Groups that Sustain Resurging COVID-19 Epidemics in the United States (Science) We analyze aggregated, age-specific mobility trends from more than 10 million individuals in the US and link these mechanistically to age-specific COVID-19 mortality data. We estimate that as of October 2020, individuals aged 20-49 are the only age groups sustaining resurgent SARS-CoV-2 transmission with reproduction numbers well above one, and that at least 65 of 100 COVID-19 infections originate from individuals aged 20-49 in the US.

(J. Harris: The new sick folks are the younger folks who thought that they were bullet proof. Wear you mask, wash, gap, avoid crowds. It ain’t over yet. Marshall should consider continued county limitations.Look at the chart, our numbers in Harrison County are still BAD.)

Other Hopkins Suggestions:

1. World-first COVID-19 Alternating Dose Vaccine Study Launches in UK (UK Department of Health and Social Care) Patients taking part in a new clinical study launching today will soon receive different COVID-19 vaccines for their first or second dose. Backed by £7 million of government funding, the study will be the first in the world to determine the effects of using different vaccines for the first and second dose – for example, using Oxford University/AstraZeneca’s vaccine for the first dose, followed by Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine for the second. The study, run by the National Immunisation Schedule Evaluation Consortium (NISEC) across 8 National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supported sites, will also gather immunological evidence on different intervals between the first and second dose for a mixed-vaccine regimen against control groups when the same vaccine is used for both doses.

2. ‘A Waste of Money’: The Home Covid-19 Test Funded by the Biden Administration is too Costly and Complex, Critics Say (STAT News) For months, U.S. public health experts have called on the federal government to approve and fund cheap and fast at-home Covid-19 tests, to help bring the spread of infection under control. But when the Biden administration this week announced a $231.8 million deal to ramp up production of the first fully at-home test, the experts’ response was, to say the least, unenthusiastic. One dismissed it as “a spit in the ocean.” It’s not that home testing with a 15-minute turnaround time isn’t a good idea, they said, it’s just that the rollout of this initial kit is too little and too late, and the test too expensive and complicated, to help extinguish the raging pandemic fire. 

Why some hospitals have to scramble for oxygen to treat Covid-19 patients

NFL should discourage people from indoor Super Bowl parties


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