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Local Vaccination Feb. 3 at Civic Center was Successful!

The immunizations were given as directed by the Marshall-Harrison County Health Department under the supervision of Executive Director, Jennifer Hancock, RN. Judge Chad Sims also helped with the extremely orderly and efficient clinic, which maintained a steady flow while adhering to social distancing. Reservations had been made by computer and the patient flow was well-timed and handled smoothly. There were no adverse reactions to the vaccine injections.

The injections were given in the spacious facility without any crowding and during the course of the day, the 500 available doses were efficiently and professionally administered by area nursing students under the supervision of MS Hancock by nursing school instructors, and nursing students.  At all times, well trained local paramedics from the Marshall Fire Department were present, and an ambulance was on the ready just outside the door. For future similar events, the driver should park near this “back door” which is on the west side of the building. This is where the patients exit after waiting abut fifteen minutes after the injections. 

MS Hancock’s biggest problem with the program is that the vaccine is in short supply with uncertain delivery. In addition, data entry in scheduling the injection appointments, mostly over the internet, followed by post-vaccination data entry for the local and state records is laborious and requires much labor and time.

The vaccine administered at this clinic is the “Moderna” Vaccine. See the next article for more than you ever wanted to know about it. The vaccine was found to be about 95% effective, and the only real side effect was a day or so of feeling lousy, starting about fifteen hours after the SECOND injection. No severe reactions were noted. Second injections for these same 500 people will follow in a month, as schedule already on the Vaccination Certificate they received after their first shot. They do not need to call or email in again. 

Efficacy and Safety of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine


I’ve had my Covid-19 vaccine — now what can I safely do? Your questions answered


1. Stopping the Next Pandemic Starts Now (Bloomberg) As the First World War wore on, a new scourge erupted: an influenza pandemic that left even more bodies in its wake than the conflict itself. But the 1918 pandemic was overshadowed by the war, and its lessons went unheeded.

2. Texas A&M Researchers Show Water Treatment Removes Enveloped Viruses (Outbreak News Today) Using a surrogate of the coronavirus that only infects bacteria, researchers at Texas A&M University have now presented strong evidence that existing water purification plants can easily reduce vast quantities of the virus thereby protecting our household water from such contagions. In particular, the researchers showed that the water purification step called coagulation could alone get rid of 99.999% of the virus, markedly decontaminating water for consumption.

This Blood Type Makes You More at Risk for Coronavirus

(J. Harris: People with type O blood are slightly less likely to catch Covid than those with Type A blood, according to data from several sources, some from the US.)


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