Elysian Fields ISD announces brief school closure due to COVID-19


Longview hospital to receive 2,925 COVID-19 vaccines

(J. Harris: I am trying to find out if Marshall Citizens can get on a waiting list there?)

Interim Results of a Phase 1–2a Trial of Ad26.COV2.S Covid-19 Vaccine

“Our interim analysis indicates that vaccine candidate Ad26.COV2.S is safe and immunogenic in both younger and older adults. This finding, in combination with the results in preclinical challenge studies,12,13 has supported our decision to proceed with two phase 3 trials …to evaluate the efficacy of either a single-dose or two-dose regimen of the lower dose…”.

J. Harris: This is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and it looks very safe and effective. We will know soon. 

Merck abandons two vaccines in clinical trials.

“…Merck will instead focus its Covid-19 efforts on an experimental antiviral drug known as molnupiravir. Originally designed for influenza, it has shown promising effects in studies on animals and in early clinical trials. The trial is set to finish by May, although preliminary results could come out as early as March.”

From Hopkins selections:

1. BAMLANIVIMAB Eli Lilly announced that its neutralizing antibody treatment bamlanivimab can reduce the risk of developing COVID-19 disease…The researchers found that prophylactic use of bamlanivimab was associated with an 80% decrease in the risk of developing COVID-19 disease after 8 weeks. The full data have not yet been published publicly nor peer reviewed, but the company indicated that it intends to publish the data in the near future…bamlanivimab is not a replacement for vaccines, but rather, it could be an option for emergency prophylaxis following known or suspected exposure. The drug could potentially mitigate the risk of disease when there may not be enough time for a vaccine to stimulate a sufficient immune response…”

(J. Harris: Since I can neither spell nor pronounce “bamlanivimab” I plan to call it the “Wham Bam” medicine [neutralizing antibody].)

2. CHINA QUARANTINE China continues its response to an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Shijiazhuang, a city in the northern part of the country. Last week, the Chinese government imposed a “lockdown” on Shijiazhuang and Xingtai. The lockdown then expanded to include other cities across 11 regions in 3 provinces—including Langfang, which is located just south of Beijing. In total, the lockdowns now affect an estimated 22 million people. Additionally, the Chinese government is rapidly constructing a COVID-19 quarantine center outside Shijiazhuang that could house more than 4,000 individuals. The plan is for this facility to host close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients as a part of the country’s expansive COVID-19 contact tracing program. The Chinese government has expressed a sense of urgency to control the spread of the pandemic, particularly as the country prepares for increases in travel and large gatherings coinciding with the Lunar New Year in February.


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