Emergency Management outlines goals for COVID vaccine distribution

J. Harris: This is current information from the state as per MNM. 

MISD gives update on COVID-19 cases following Christmas break

55 cases. Unfortunately, will likely be more in a week? If you don’t subscribe to MNM, you should consider doing so. They do a nice job with breaking important local information frequently, all day long. 


The Best Evidence for How to Overcome COVID Vaccine Fears

Opening of Large Institutions of Higher Education and County-Level COVID-19 Incidence — United States, July 6–September 17, 2020


What is already known about this topic?

Increasing COVID-19 incidence was observed among young adults in August 2020, and outbreaks have been reported at institutions of higher education (colleges and universities).

What is added by this report?

U.S. counties with large colleges or universities with remote instruction (n = 22) experienced a 17.9% decrease in incidence and university counties with in-person instruction (n = 79) experienced a 56% increase in incidence, comparing the 21-day periods before and after classes started. Counties without large colleges or universities (n = 3,009) experienced a 6% decrease in incidence during similar time frames.

What are the implications for public health practice?

Additional implementation of effective mitigation activities at colleges and universities with in-person instruction could minimize on-campus COVID-19 transmission and reduce county-level incidence.

Blood Plasma Reduces Risk of Severe Covid-19 if Given Early

Convalescent plasma, the pale yellow liquid left over after blood is stripped of its red and white cells, teems with disease-fighting molecules called antibodies. 

In 80 people, an infusion of plasma decreased the risk of developing a severe case of Covid by 48 percent, compared with another group of 80 who received a saline solution instead, the study found. But the study’s parameters were strict: Everyone enrolled in the trial was at least 65 years old — a group known to be at higher risk of falling seriously ill. About half of the participants also had health conditions that made them more vulnerable to the virus. And the plasma therapy, which was screened to ensure it contained high levels of antibodies, was always given within three days of when the patients started to feel symptoms.

Other trials testing convalescent plasma’s effects in sicker patients have flopped, finding that the therapy did little to hasten recovery or prevent death — contradicting the treatment’s emergency authorization, which specifies use in hospitalized people….Some experts pointed out that the benefits of convalescent plasma may be difficult to study and capitalize on, since most people’s illnesses are too far along by the time they seek medical care.

J. Harris: Good NYT article to read; it also discusses Monoclonal Antibody use. 

Approach to Chilblains During the COVID-19 Pandemic 


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) chilblains is a well-reported cutaneous pattern of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Through this narrative review, we provide an evidence-based overview of idiopathic and secondary chilblains, distinguishing features of COVID-19 chilblains, and a systematic clinical approach to history, examination, investigations, and treatment. In the absence of cold or damp exposure, COVID-19 should be considered as a cause of acute chilblains. The timing of onset of COVID-19 chilblains relative to active SARS-CoV-2 viremia remains unclear. Patients with suspected COVID-19 chilblains should thus follow public health guidelines for COVID-19 testing and self-isolation.

J. Harris: I always thought “Chilblaines” was some Dickensonian British melodramatic disease. It turns out that it can be caused by Covid _19 disease (as well as many other maladies including extreme cold). If you see a case around here, get a Covid test. Below are a few pictures. It can affect the finger or the toes. 


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