J. Harris: 

The Shreveport VA has vaccine injections for veterans, but not their families,  I am told by a very spry but somewhat elderly marine cousin from Texarkana. 

Several Marshallites have received vaccination from the Super One/Brookshires and many more are on the waiting list. This is said to be the Moderna Vaccine. TAKE IT ASAP. 

I have suggested to my 4 grown children that they keep their children out of school for a couple of weeks, at least, until we can see how the Covid is coming along. Two of the boys are on various school boards, but I don’t know what they will do. I offered “Doctor’s Excuses.” That 1968 degree is still good for something. It is my personal opinion, only partially substantiated, that at this time, and for the anticipated post-holiday disease peak, that there is no rush to join a crowd anywhere, even with masks and what precautions you can take with children. They can get sick and not know it and transmit disease to others. 

US Doctors Perform 1st COVID-19 Double Lung Transplant. Will it Become a Potential Treatment for Severe Cases?

J. Harris: An easily read article on Lung Transplantation after Covid. It explains how and why it’s done. Currently, on rare occasions,  Covid sufferer’s lungs simply are destroyed, and sometimes a younger victim might get a lung transplant. Several have not been done successfully. 

Picture 1: An surgical specimen of an airless lung with the air spaces almost completely solidifies with infection, debris, and scar tissue. This lung looks like a piece of liver. 

 Picture 2: A chest x-ray of a virtually airless chest. Are you sure you want chance this disease while you seek herd immunity? Get a vaccination instead. ASAP. 

Picture 3. A cross-sectional scan or MRI showing airless lung tissue, completely full of disease, debris, and death. 



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