We will be looking a Vaccines and Vaccinations more closely now. We won’t have daily Harrison County new Covid counts except weekly, on Monday. However, we have consistently had lower case counts than the larger counties in TSA G. I can get the daily counts for G daily after 1600. We are down to 14 ICU beds available in G. Yesterday, there were 263 new cases in Smith 



Todays MNM: Count

UPDATED VACCINE ARTICLE TO KEEPGood Vaccine video for an expert:

Texas may receive initial coronavirus vaccine doses for 1.4 million people this month, Gov. Greg Abbott says


(J. Harris: No, I am not a Democrat.Texas rural hospitals are closing up.)

“We have ‘got to end the rural health care crisis right now by building on Obamacare, assuming it survives at all, with a public option [and] automatically enroll people eligible for Medicaid. There’s strong support for that — and particularly [from] people in rural states, like Texas and North Carolina, that reject expansion. We can boost funding. I visited 15 rural hospitals. And the biggest problem is there’s not enough reimbursement for them to be able to keep open.’ And they are often the biggest employer in that town or city.

“A lot of these rural hospitals and clinics could benefit from telemedicine, but they don’t have the broadband connectivity. ‘We should be spending $20 billion to put broadband across the board,’ Biden said. ‘We have got to rebuild the middle class,’ but ‘especially in rural America.'”

11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting

‘…Dividing people into thirds, based on how much they moved and sat, the researchers found, to no one’s surprise, that being extremely sedentary was hazardous, with people in the top third for sitting and bottom third for activity having about 260 percent more likelihood of premature death than the men and women who moved the most and sat the least. (The researchers controlled for smoking, body mass and other factors that might have influenced the results.)…Other combinations of time spent sitting and moving were less alarming, though, and even heartening. People in the middle third for activity, who exercised moderately for about 11 minutes a day, were significantly less likely to have died prematurely than people who moved less, even if all of them belonged to the group that also sat the most.

Crunching the numbers further, the researchers concluded that the sweet spot for physical activity and longevity seemed to arrive at about 35 minutes a day of brisk walking or other moderate activities, an amount that led to the greatest statistical improvement in life span, no matter how many hours someone sat.

I’ve started sleeping in our fireplace.Now I sleep like a log! .

Why didn’t the cat go to the vet? He was feline fine!


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