[Marshall News Messenger] Hallsville Chamber honors veterans, first responders during annual dinner

 J. HARRIS: Early today I was horrified but not surprised  that the US now has more new cases of Covid-19 daily than even India! I decided to attribute this horror to carelessness and arrogance. Then, over coffee, I read the above article and studied the picture — and added STUPIDITY to my list of American characteristics that lend themselves to enhanced Covid epidemic , morbidity, and death. 


 A traditional and worthwhile public event could easily turn into a superspreader event. The photo shows a “90” attendees around crowded tables and no masks in sight (except the drummer who is probably a pre-med who sings poorly).  So, civic leaders, law enforcement personnel, wives, and food handlers could easily acquire and spread Covid if even one person in attendance has early Covid. 

Luckily, most of the potential victims are not all that old and should themselves easily survive as will the school students who might also be infected if the hall becomes contaminated. Let’s all hope Grandpa isn’t too close around when everyone gets home. 

Oh, I wonder if the reporter/photographer for the article was masked? Would she have a Workmans Comp claim if she became ill? What if she brings the virus back to the newspaper office? Well, the old guy down there is gone, so probably no one there will get too sick, much less die. Will they? 

Probably none of the honoree’s will spread the virus to the jail or to the firehouse, to the ambulances, to the public, or to their families. 

Maybe our local viruses are too stupid to spread exponentially? 

And we’ve still got few empty hospital beds in the area — or we did yesterday. And tomorrow?

Or, maybe our luck has run out? 

No joke.


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