October 19, 2020

Harrison County recorded 16 new cases with 19 recoveries. We get our test reports from the state and not on the weekend.  We do not get results of “quick” tests done here and there. Obviously, there are many, many untested, unreported, asymptomatic cases in town. Best wear your masks. 
‘Out of Control’: When Schools Opened in a Virus Hot Spot


(J. Harris: Area newspapers have a little comparison chart but they DONT include loss of smell and taste. If you suddenly loose these senses, you almost certainly have Covid.)


J. Harris Personal Comment:  19 Oct 2020
So we’re back to “LOCAL” prevention and treatment. East Texas counts of hospitalized Covid patients are creeping up again. Meanwhile the numbers of infected people are climbing even faster. Most people with Covid are not and do not need to be in the hospital.  Most people with Covid today, right now, don’t even know they have it, and Texas viral testing has been of marginal help as has tracking and tracing cases.

So yesterday, Oct. 18, we were down to 17 ICU beds in our area of East Texas.  Certainly, most of the patients are actually in ICU for reasons other than Covid. However, with the coming of cold weather, influenza and holiday gatherings, the counts are going to climb. I would guess the counts for the US and Texas will be higher than ever in the next couple of months. I am so very sorry for this as are most of you. We’ve worn our masks and been careful.

Maybe those of our citizens who consider themselves to be “bulletproof” should remember what Gov. Chris Christie now says: “I believed when I entered the White House grounds, that I had entered a safe zone, due to the testing that I and many others underwent every day…I was wrong. I was wrong not to wear a mask at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement and I was wrong not to wear a mask at my multiple debate prep sessions with the president and the rest of the team.” Some say that Gov. Christie is very fortunate to be alive.

My wife (Beverly)  and I are planning to spend the holidays at home. We avoid gatherings of any kind. On the rare occasions when we must go out, we wear masks (and sometimes gloves). Until we obtain and utilize a tested vaccine (s), the only way to prevent Covid catastrophe, especially for the halt, lame, and infirm,  is by avoidance: avoid crowds.  parties, bars, restaurants, family reunions, funerals, weddings, meetings, and even church.

Ignoble and anonymous death will be quite a disappointment for those folks who for years have worried about just how many people will attend their own funerals, and even more importantly, who they are. Did they send flowers? And worse of all, after mournfully attending funerals for just about everybody who is (or was) anybody, how sad it will be not even to make the paper!

Personally, I would prefer not to celebrate my own demise in the back of a refrigerated truck, although, unequivocally, a refrigerated truck beats the hell out of a mass grave (especially if it’s powered by a Freightliner diesel).


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