June 15, 2020

Texas health officials on Sunday reported more than 1,800 new coronavirus cases in the state and 19 additional deaths from COVID-19 — including two new fatalities in Harrison County.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported Sunday that Harrison County’s death toll from the virus now stands at 28.

The department also said Harrison County has recorded one new positive diagnosis, bringing its cumulative total to 269.

The nursing home industry says just one-time testing for every resident and staffer would cost $440 million, and facilities struggling financially would not be able to bear the expense of regular staff testing.
“The secret weapon behind COVID is that is spreads in the absence of any symptoms,” Grabowski told lawmakers at a recent briefing. “If COVID is in a community where staff lives, it is soon to be in the facility where they work.”
Nationwide, more than 45,500 residents and staff have died from coronavirus outbreaks at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, according to a running count by The Associated Press. That’s about 40% of more than 115,000 total deaths. Nursing home residents are less than 1% of the U.S. population.
TRAUMA AREA TO JUNE1 4/8/20 5/1/20 6/1/20 6/14/20 6/15/20 6/16/20 6/17/20    
MARSHALL/TYLER/LGV 46 26 63 49 54 53        
DALLAS 569 579 636 580 729 728        
AUSTIN 61 45 69 89 121 123        
HOUSTON 480 495 475 482 681 696        
STATE OF TEXAS 1670 1491 1778 1756 2242 2287        
NOTES TO CHART: Look at the Marshall area — Our approximate area average census of hospitalized COVID patients is 46 since the count was started on April eighth.  On April 8 it was 26 for our area. On May first, it was 63 and on the fourteenth, it was 54. Today it is 53. Now look at Austin. Their average area hospital census for COVID patients has doubled.
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