June 5 2020

Harrison County Judge Chad Sims reported, on Thursday, one new COVID-19 related death for the county, two new positive cases and 28 recoveries.
Judge Sims noted that of the 258 overall positive cases for the county, 26 have ended in death, and 125 have recovered, for a total of 107 current active cases.
Sims applauded Marshall Manor Nursing and Rehab on the good news the facility shared, also on Thursday, regarding their COVID-free test results.
After Reopening Schools, Israel Orders Them To Shut If COVID-19 Cases Are Discovered
Two weeks after Israel fully reopened schools, a COVID-19 outbreak sweeping through classrooms — including at least 130 cases at a single school — has led officials to close dozens of schools where students and staff were infected. A new policy orders any school where a virus case emerges to close.
Dr. Arnon Afek, who is helping manage Israel’s coronavirus response, played down the outbreak, saying a spike in cases was expected when schools reopened. “It wasn’t a surprise,” he said. “It happened also in South Korea and Singapore.”
J.Harris: This is an almost unreadable summary comparing many ways of getting oxygen to COVID patients. Ventilator injury is discussed. At any rate, worldwide studies are underway comparing the best ways to ventilate these patients. Likely, there will still be several efficacious ways to deliver oxygen to COVID patients depending on the circumstances and the local.
“…helmet NIV is able to deliver higher levels of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) to improve oxygenation, reduce inspiratory effort,13 and possibly render spontaneous breathing noninjurious.14 However, the certainty of the evidence supporting helmet NIV compared with all other modes of noninvasive oxygen support is low due to the limited number of available published clinical trials and small number of participants.”
J. Harris: A readable article that discussed vaccine development, volunteer programs, and potential differences in the degree of immunity that might be provided to various age groups. This is a good time to be young. 
TODAY’S COLLINS PUN: I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me

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